News Alert

Dear Participants and Friends

We are excited to welcome you to Barbados. The 12th. World Flower Show is now only seven months away and our Committee is busy working to ensure you have a great time in our island enjoying the culture, history and culinary delights!

Just a few points to note:

  • Due to a glitch with our online registration process, some classes were displayed as being ‘sold out’. This has now been corrected and spaces are available again for most classes. Please revisit the website and make your selections.
  • WAFA has agreed that competitors may enter a SECOND exhibit. This is great news for some of you.
  •  We have agreed to cancel Class 23 Market Day and Class 19 Festival.
  •  We have agreed that we will not receive any further registrations for Class 9, Flowers in Paradise.
  •  We have agreed to convert Class 13 Smooth Sailing into an Imposed Class with a fee of US$160.
  • When registering on-line, remember to make only one entry for the class of your choice. You will receive your e-tickets and confirmations after you place your order and the process is successfully completed.
  • Please print your e-tickets before coming to the show. These are your confirmations to gain entry to all of your events and classes.
  • The Barbados Plant Quarantine Department has extended the deadline for sending information regarding the importation of plant material to Barbados to January 31, 2017.
  • If you already have your flight and hotel confirmations, we would be happy to be advised so that we can assist in making your transiting of the airport as smooth as possible.